Les trois Kurtág


György Kurtág, at the age of 91, compose his first opera on Samuel Beckett’s End of Game, scheduled for the end of 2018 at the Scala in Milan. The film explores the intricacies of creation and the intimate dimension of an artistic heritage, inviting Marta Kurtág, pianist, G. Kurtág Jr, composer and Judit Kurtág, videographer.

Genre : Documentary
Producer : Senso Films, Bobi Lux, FilmFabriq, Lyon Capitale TV, TV 7 Bordeaux, BIP TV (Berry Issoudun Première Télévision)
Director : Maryline Charrier & Judit Kurtág
Country : France
Year : 2017
Runtime : 58 minutes
Format : Full HD
Color : Color

Sound mix : Stereo


Music recording / Dialogue recording