Award winning Rafael Bernabeu García is a Spanish composer, drums player, sound designer and sound mixer who has been creating at the boundaries of music and sound, mostly in the experimental and electro-acoustic music world. In his works he draws out a broad spectrum of sounds, ranging from intimate simplicity to huge soundscapes.

His work for film and television includes “Araucaria Araucana”, for which he won an award for Best Soundtrack, alongside the critically acclaimed “Untimely”, for which he received an award for Best Sound in the Top Indie Film awards 2020, “No smoking in Sarajevo”, “Snap out of it” and several other films as sound editor and/or sound mixer.

He began playing drums as a teenager, studied Fine Arts studies in Valencia and then moved on to electro-acoustic music studies during an exchange program in Bauhaus Universität in Weimar, finally entering the Conservatory of Bordeaux in 2006.

Rafael Bernabeu García has released two solo albums under artist name “eport”: Translations (2015) and Randomly Predictable (2020).

He has composed music for films, theatre, dance performances, commercials… and has played with a variety of improvisation formations with Etienne Rolin, François Rossé, Philippe Festou, Kent Carter, Walter Thomson…

Since 2010, in line with his personal work, he runs a creative audio post-production studio, crafting original soundtracks, sound design and bespoke audio for films, arts and media.