Since 2010, I’ve been navigating the realms of music and sound as a composer, producer, and sound engineer. My creations span a wide spectrum, from simple and intimate to expansive sonic landscapes.

Recognition in the film and television sphere came with the “Best Soundtrack Award” at FICMUS 2018 for “Araucaria Araucana” and the “Best Sound” honor at the Top Indie Film Awards 2020 for “Untimely.” Notable projects also include “The Majnoun and the Wind” (2022) and “No Smoking in Sarajevo” (2016), among others.

Under the alias “eport,” I have released three solo albums, namely “Kernel Space” (2024), “Randomly Predictable” (2020), and “Translations” (2015).

My musical journey commenced with playing drums in a rock band during my teenage years while studying Fine Arts in Valencia. Subsequently, I delved into electro-acoustic music studies during an exchange program at Bauhaus Universität in Weimar. In 2006, I further honed my skills at the Conservatory of Bordeaux.

Over the years, my portfolio has expanded to include composition and production for diverse projects such as feature and short films, commercials, podcasts, and live shows. I have also collaborated in improvisation formations with Etienne Rolin and released/produced several records.

Today, I lead Eport Studio, a vibrant music and sound studio specializing in original soundtracks, sound design, and sound post-production. It reflects my dedication to pushing the boundaries of sonic artistry.