Araucaria Araucana

The tree of a people; the people of a tree

In the Southern Andes, a living being survives since 200 million years: the “Araucaria Araucana” with its incredible history, little known and forever linked to an Amerindian people of Chile: the Pehuenches.
This isolated community survived during centuries thanks to the Araucarias. A perfect harmony between man and nature, upset by the invasion of the Spanish colonists, the conflicts of territories and the increase of logging.
Protected today, this sacred forests are the refuge of a unique and wild nature; but other dangers threaten this balance.

Genre : documentary
Producer : Grenouilles Productions & Chacapa Studio
Director : Rémi Rappe & Santiago Serrano
Country : France
Year : 2017
Runtime : 52 minutes
Format : 4K
Color : Color
Sound mix : Dolby 5.1


Composer / location sound recordist / sound editor / sound designer / foley artist / sound mixer