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One One One # 6-D
For the OneOneOne : an artist, a concert, an evening, organized by PointBarre in Fabrique Pola.

Descriptif is a proposition by artist Guillaume Hillairet to collectively build a mental picture. The installation takes the form of an open standing cinema : 80 QRCodes pictures are projected sending to 80 texts. The texts are short descriptions of a place.
My aim was to compose for the installation a semi-automated soundscape which was based in both meaningful and meaningless fragments of audio recordings of the descriptions.
Playing with the real and virtual spaces, and using sound in both, abstract and intelligible levels, the perception of that space become more elastic, and the mental image remains in movement.

(Thanks to C. Garapon for her voice)


Descriptif – One One One #6 by Eport (Rafael Bernabeu G.) on Mixcloud