Composer, musician and visual artist born in Valencia (Spain) in 1977.
I hold a MA 2003 from the Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Valencia (Spain) and a DEM 2010 in electroacoustic music from the Conservatory of Bordeaux (France).
I play drums while studying fine arts where I work with painting, sculpture, photography, video and installations. I began to compose soundtracks for my own videos, specializing later in electroacoustic music and instrumental composition since 2001.
Since 2015, in line with my personal work, I run my own company: Chacapa Studio, a film production company and a post-production studio specialized in original music and sound design.

I’ve been working with several media that finally come along in the immateriality of sound. Its evocative strength drives me through hybrid audiovisual forms where image tries to capture the ineffable of sound.
I speak a language that is a dialect of cinema with a radio accent.